Reservation and cancelations policy

The contracting of the services as well as the participation in any activity of TOURISM
ASTRONÓMICO will imply full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the general conditions contained in this Activity Change and Cancellation Policy.

Adverse weather conditions

Weather conditions will be considered adverse and will make it impossible to carry out the
activity when one or more of the following cases occur:
• Cloud cover.
• Rain and/or snow.
• Frost and/or extreme cold.

An attempt will be made to anticipate in advance (according to the weather forecasts provided by AEMET and other meteorological agencies) the cancellation of the activity by TURISMO ASTRONÓMICO, but in the event of these climatic conditions that make observation impossible and cannot be foreseen in advance, the client will be notified as soon as possible. The cancellation due to adverse weather conditions does not entail any additional charge.

Likewise, the agreed activity may be organized on another date according to availability. In case of
more complex weather conditions, the client will be informed so that he can take the
decision to cancel or not.

If the client decides not to cancel the activity despite the weather conditions and
finally it is not possible to observe the sky, an alternative activity will be offered. Bliss
alternative activity will consist of an informative talk on a topic related to the
astronomy or astrophysics.

If the client decides to cancel the activity due to weather forecasts, he must notify well in advance (minimum 12 hours), otherwise the cost will be agreed between both
that such cancellation may entail for TURISMO ASTRONÓMICO, due to travel or other

Cancellation of activity by the client’s own will

In the event that the client wants to cancel the activity of their own free will and for reasons beyond their control
weather, the following notice and cancellation policy will be followed:
• The client will notify by phone and email as soon as possible.
• Notice will be given 72 hours in advance (3 days before) to the day set for the performance of the
exercise. Likewise, the agreed activity may be organized on another date according to
availability. The change of date or time does not imply any reduction in the rate or
conditions of the previously agreed activity.
• If the cancellation occurs after 72 hours before the event, the minimum cost
that this cancellation may entail is established at 100 euros, which will be paid to ASTRONOMICAL TOURISM.
• In the case of events of a special magnitude, this cancellation cost is
will be established between both companies to contract the services.

Billing and payment of activities

The invoice for the activity carried out will be paid by the client once the activity has finished. In the
In the case of public institutions, within 45 days of the completion of the activity. if it is rat
from private companies, within 10 days of the activity.