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Our mission is to offer astronomy fans places certified by the Starlight Foundation that guarantee the highest quality in accommodation and that of its skies.

Parque Estelar Starlight


We will guide you through the deep sky so that you discover all the beauties that the Universe contains, you will enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

Miguel Ángel Pugnaire

Dpto. Scientific and Teaching

A family doctor, astronomer and nature lover, Miguel Ángel Pugnaire Sáez began his career in astronomical dissemination through the blog El Nido del Astrónomo, also collaborating with National Geographic on its Atlas del Cosmos collection. Author of the work Brief Guide to the Cosmos and promoter of the Los Coloraos Astronomical Complex.

Miguel Gil

Dpto. Communication and Projects

An inveterate and vocational photographer, he began astrophotography in 2015, devoting most of his time since then to training and teaching. Its main function in Astronomical Tourism is communication and the development of astronomical projects, as well as advice in different fields.

Rafael Luque

Dpto. Investigation

With a degree in Physics from the University of Granada, he began his master’s degree in Astrophysics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, focusing his research on the discovery of exoplanets. He has carried out research stays in Mexico, Canada, the Canary Islands, Germany and France, and is currently a member of the INPhINIT «la Caixa» at the IAC with the aim of discovering exoplanets within the CARMENES project.


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