Turismo Astronómico

Sidereal journey

Our trips became a new way of discovering the universe

A ‘spatial’ gift to never forget

One of our astronomers will guide you through varied routes through different celestial bodies, from nearby stars to distant galaxies, completing the observation with exciting information about each section of the journey, with the help of models and visual material.

Our trips thus stand out from traditional observations, bringing a more vivid feeling and lasting memories.

You will receive at your home a souvenir video of the trip, with the places you have traveled and photos of you under the starry sky. You will never forget this experience!

Choose your route from the offers you will find on the pages of the following catalogue. In addition, you can choose one of our recommended excursions to complement your trip.

If you want some music to play, just tell us, although the complex has the natural soundtrack of the breeze, crickets and the occasional owl.

It is a totally private activity, so it is necessary to contact with us beforehand to specify the date and guarantee availability.

Are you interested in making a reservation?

It is a totally private activity, so it is neccesary to contact us before with us to specify the date and to be able to guarantee availability.

Contact us to Whatsapp 669 44 58 30 and you can make reservations for your experience and tell us how you want it to be, completely tailored. You can also contact by email:


Experience price: 180€