La música de las estrellas

The music of the stars

Our trips will become a new way of discovering the universe

We present one of the most special and intimate activities for all audiences

The goal is that with our eyes closed, you will learn to hear the universe from our outdoor stage. With the help of music and sounds, you will witness the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present day; You will hear night scenes that will allow you to experience astronomy in a very special way.

Once the session is over you will enjoy the sky that reigns over Gorafe and you will contemplate through large
telescopes the wonders we have above our heads.

Join us on a journey to the cosmos like you have never felt before…

Are you interested in making a reservation?

It is a totally private activity, so it is neccesary to contact us before with us to specify the date and to be able to guarantee availability.

Contact us to Whatsapp 669 44 58 30 and you can make reservations for your experience and tell us how you want it to be, completely tailored. You can also contact by email:  

Experience price: 225€