Turismo Astronómico

Savor the stars

Our trips became a new way of discovering the universe

Live and enjoy a wine tasting!

We present one of our most popular activities: the combination of a culinary tasting loaded with exclusive products, repaired with great delicacy, with an idyllic atmosphere under the natural lighting of thousands of stars and the occasional candle.

The music will be the backdrop to complete this experience that will transport you to distant places that you have never dreamed of.

Are you interested in making a reservation?

It is a totally private activity, so it is neccesary to contact us before with us to specify the date and to be able to guarantee availability.

Contact us to Whatsapp 669 44 58 30 and you can make reservations for your experience and tell us how you want it to be, completely tailored. You can also contact by email:


Experience price: 180€ 

Tasting price per person: 30€