Aldeire Place Starlight

With this certification from the Starlight Foundation, the quality of the night sky in Guadix and Comarca is confirmed

Tourism of the stars

We have two Astronomical Viewpoints, which in collaboration with the Aldeire City Council, we have located in the “Fortaleza de la Caba” and the “Casilla del Monte”.

They have information panels to be able to locate the most representative constellations of each season of the year and also be guided in the sky found by the Polar Star, identify the Milky Way and in conditions of absence of light pollution to be able to see and interpret the night sky.

Aldeire is declared a Starlight municipality by the Starlight Foundation for its quality of visualization of the cosmos. It is also included by the Junta de Andalucía in the Night Sky Quality Diagnostic Map with a very high category, with values ​​greater than 21 magarc/sec2.

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